Welcome to my World

Is there a world inside of you?

Diathedia's Home

My world is inside of Me

I Code

I code with different programming languages, helped by various kind of IDEs ranging from Visual Studio, Android Studio, XCode, to the simplest one such as SciTe.

I Draw

I draw using pen and paper or with only mouse, using a combination of Windows Paint, Krita, SAI, and Photoshop.

I Write

I write stories whenever when I feel like it, resulting in a bunch of .txt files I don't know which part is where.

I Create Things

And nothing can stop me.

Ongoing Projects

  • Utauchante - Need graphics
  • Precious Memories - Working on Demo

More details at the Project page.

Contact Me

You can ask me to make many things, for example this ugly website.

I can make a ridiculously heavy website with useless decorations that pierce yo eyes or simple, lightweight website that doesn't lag even in a 20-century N*kia phone.

Keep in mind that I don't *cough* do things for *cough* free!

More Information

You can find more information about me in the About page, but please don't stalk me.